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1st KISFFO postponed

Great damage to equipment and festival's venue, due to recent flood.

The region of Karditsa, as well as the surrounding areas, remains greatly damaged by the recent extreme weather conditions.

Opseis Art Space that was about to host 1st Karditsa International Short Film Festival Opseis (KISFFO), has lost about 70% of the equipment for screening, lighting and sound and the venue is extensively damaged. KISFFO creative team has been fighting with all strength for the last two days and nights, in order to minimize the damage, but the postponing of the festival has now become inevitable.

At the same time, the announcement of the final results for the short film awards, was scheduled for Wednesday September 6, but the continuous power and internet outages, have forced to the delay of the judging procedure.

Soon there will be more news on our website and social media pages.

Until then, our thoughts will be with humans and creatures of the nature that are now beeing tested by its forces. As always, solidarity will be our shield to every fight. Do not give up. We will remain standing!!

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